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About Road 2 Resilience

Walton County Emergency Management is engaged and committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of over 68,000 people living within their county. Planning for the recovery period can be difficult given the complex set of housing and human services issues, which arise during and after disasters. In order to aid in the planning process and create an opportunity to see the capabilities, gaps and vulnerabilities for Walton County Emergency Management over 60 agencies will participate in a tabletop exercise to simulate a realistic scenario. The 60 agencies participating will make decisions based on the scenario and evaluate the final outcomes to better assist future planning.

Exercises can assist in the planning process while allowing participants to make decisions in a safe and controlled environment. Exercises also facilitate inter-agency discussion and coordination, which allows participants to better understand the capabilities and vulnerabilities of partner agencies. Tabletop exercises simulate a scenario and walk participants through a full incident using discussion and decision-making prompts. Participants will serve as their own evaluators during the after-action report. The finished report will allow all participants to see the outcomes of the exercise and inform their future planning activities. Exercises like this are an example of Walton County Emergency Management’s focus on community safety and continuous planning and their commitment to their residents.

The goal of this exercise is to allow all participants to plan for the recovery period with evidence and experience-based decisions in mind. The target objectives are reconstruction, holistic long-term recovery, and community enhancement. Reconstruction includes infrastructure such as housing, social services, and critical lifelines. Holistic long-term recovery objectives included economic and quality of life factors within the community like employment opportunities and cultural/social events. Community enhancement includes the process of restoring all aspects of the community and improving conditions over those that existed before the disaster.

Exercise Location

Address: 259 Miramar Beach Dr, Miramar Beach, FL 32550 [ view map ]

Directions from Emerald Coast Parkway
Head west on US-98 / SR-30 / Emerald Coast Pkwy toward Beach Drive North
Turn left onto Miramar Beach Drive
Resurrection Catholic Church is on the left
If you reach Windrift Drive you have gone too far

Exercise Date/Time

The Exercise Date is November 20th, 2019. Sign in starts at 7:30 am (CST) and the Player Briefing begins at 8:00 am (CST).